How it works

Online payday loans couldn’t be easier.  A customer is low on cash, and payday is still days away.  The customer visits, and applies using our quick and easy one page application.  The answer questions about their employment, bank account, and how they can be reached.  In order to apply for a cash loan the customer must be a US resident, be currently employed, have a checking account, and valid phone number.  You must also be 18 years or older to be approved for an online cash advance.


Online payday loans are easier than conventional cash loans, because there is no faxing or paperwork involved.  With conventional payday loans the customer has to drive to the business location, and fill out paperwork, then fax any important documents in.  With online payday loans, the customer has access to payday loan lenders online.  A one page application, a click on the submit button, and 24 business hours later you have cash in your bank account.