What is a payday loan?

A payday loan is a short term loan on your next paycheck. Payday loan lenders provide cash loans to customers who are experiencing temporary financial hardship. What is temporary financial hardship? If you are currently employed, and experience a low checking account balance before your next payday, that is temporary financial hardship. Payday loans customers need a small temporary cash loan to pay for emergency expenses.

How much can be borrowed with a cash loan?

Payday loan lenders can lend anywhere from $100 to $800. The amount a payday loan lender will provide depends on a variety of factors. The one page application that you will find on Paydayloanzilla.com, is how payday loan lenders decide how much to lend each cash loan customer.

How do I get approved for a PaydayLoanZilla loan?

Payday loans are so great because customers are instantly approved. Once you press submit on an application, our lenders receive your loan request and approve you for the recommended amount. Although the criteria for payday loans is a lot simpler than a conventional loan, customers with no credit or bad credit might not be approved.

What information must I provide in order to get cash advances?

In order to apply for cash advances you must be a US resident, be 18 years or older, be currently employed, have a checking account, and valid phone number. You will need to provide the cash advance lender with employment information, so that employment can be verified. Your social security number, and checking account number will need to be provided as well.

How long until the cash loan makes it to my account?

At Paydayloanzilla.com we make sure that our customers receive the cash loan they need within 24 business hours. Payday loan lenders are not open on holidays or weekends, so in order to receive your cash loan within one business day, you must apply for a payday loan during the week. Those customers who apply for a payday loan during business hours will receive the cash loan in their account within one business day.

What are faxless payday loans?

Conventional loans are messy and require faxing multiple documents. A lot of payday loan customers lack the ability to fax over paperwork. With online payday loans you are not required to fax over documents. The online payday loans process is 100% online for your convenience.

Are loans for payday safe?

Submitting personal information through online applications is always nerve wracking, but it shouldn’t be. At Paydayloanzilla.com all of our online applications are safe and secure. How do we ensure your security? Our application pages are encrypted which means all of your personally identifiable information is safe, so you can be free from worry over hackers.